Ready to kickoff your voice acting career? Here's your chance to shine like never before.

We're officially casting for the role of  AMESEMI and we're on the hunt for the voice that will bring Amesemi to life! This isn't just a chance to showcase your talent – it's a paid opportunity to captivate audiences with your vocal prowess.

First thing's first! Are you a Patreon member or an investor?* This is your exclusive invitation to step into the spotlight.
*This opportunity is also open to family members of an investor or Patreon member.

Below are the audition and submission guidelines.



This round will consist of a few lines (provided at the very bottom) that will set the stage for your audition. Additionally, please keep in mind that there is one thing that we will be judging very highly, even more so than your acting chops, and that is SOUND QUALITY!

In the world of voice acting, we hold a very high standard for consistency and efficiency, and having pristine sound quality is your secret weapon to going far in this industry. So, make sure to steer clear of pops, echoes, and background distractions.

Let your voice shine clear, articulately, and sound natural! Don't just read the script as if you're a robot reading it from a piece of paper, bring the character to life! 

IMPORTANT NOTE: Do three takes of each line, leaving a minimum of a 3-second pause between each take.



 For those who rise above in Round 1, an email will be coming your way! Further details about what to expect during this round will be provided in the near future. 


💌 To apply, please send an email to with ALL of the following information:

Subject Line: (Last Name, First Name) applying for Amesemi

In the Body: Please confirm your eligibility by stating one of the three categories below that applies to you:

  • I am a Patreon member and my Patreon email is: 
  • I am an investor and my Wefunder email is:
  • I am the spouse or family member of a patron or investor, and here is their information: [provide name and email]

In the Body (continued)

  • Then, include an UNLISTED link to your YouTube video submission or a provide a sound hosting link (we will not be downloading any files)
  • Lastly, but certainly not least: let us know about your experience (if you have any) and share why you want the role!

One submission per applicant.

THAT'S IT! One shot, one submission – make it count! 

At this time, we will not be taking any questions about the audition process or any unrelated inquiries. Violating this rule may potentially get you banned from all future opportunities. We expect hundreds of applications, so we do not want any unnecessary emails flooding our work line. 

Deadline for round one submission is Labor Day Monday - September 4th. Break a leg!


Scolding: “At what point will you stop and consider the consequences of your actions?”

Incantation: “Blessed are those who tasted the waters of Nun. Aloom!”

Understanding: “Now that I have fought my own demons, I understand where all the rage is coming from Rah.”

Flattered: “Charming, but this isn’t the time for that.”

Angry: “I shall claim this knowledge, even if it means stepping over your burnt corpses!”

Incantation: “Burn…”

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Kristina Jordan on

Let me know if you are still looking for this character’s voice. I have a theatrical background, and am a writer.

I’ve been interested in having a conversation with Black Sands about a possible collaboration with my own characters. My pilot script, “Enter the Dreadi “ in 2023 has won 26 Laurels internationally, 9 were the top prize. I’m particularly interested in one of your artists. I’m shooting for animation, but have come interested in the global market for comic books.

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