Black Comic Books

The Lost History of Black Comic Books

Did you know that, in 1947, All-Negro Comics debuted as the first comic magazine to be written and illustrated exclusively by African Americans? 

All-Negro Comics

Although it was a single issue for 15 cents (which was considered a premium at the time), the comic book was a rarity in its era.

Historically, it was an unprecedented model of what our community was capable of when we came together in solidarity to create unique content that was culturally inclusive.

Fast forward to 2022, Black-owned comics and graphic novels have made strides in the publishing industry but remain underrepresented at-large 75 years later.

At Black Sands, we believe that in order to build the culture - we have to sow into our community. Join us and become a part of a the movement that's fighting to put Black creators, writers, and artist at the forefront of the comic book industry!

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Had you heard of All-Negro Comics before today? If not, pay it forward and share this with a friend or family member. Together, we can keep Black Comic Book History alive.

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