Ready to kick off your voice acting career? Here's your chance to shine like never before! 

We're officially casting for the official motion comic of "Black Sands: The Seven Kingdoms" Issue #7-#12, with many key and important characters up for grabs! 

This isn't just a chance to showcase your talent – it's a PAID opportunity to captivate audiences with your vocal prowess!

First things first! Are you a Patreon member or an investor?* This is your exclusive invitation to step into the spotlight. 

*This opportunity is also open to family members of an investor or Patreon member.

Find details for the audition below: 


This is the 2ND round of casting for the motion comic episodes! 

2nd Round - Start - Feb 5th - Deadline -  1ST MARCH 2024

You can audition for two characters during this round. Even if you don't get cast as an actor you've applied for, there are plenty of unlisted characters available you might be selected for! If you applied for the previous one and didn’t get cast, please feel free to audition for this round! 

There will be phases to each audition round: 

1st Phase - VIP Auditions

Auditions will be open to investors and patrons!

2nd Phase - Closed Review

After the deadline, we will review the auditions and have a decision for the characters within 2-3 weeks. 

3rd Phase - CallBacks

If a character has had auditions that were too close to call, we will issue callbacks for the characters.

4th Phase - Responses and Feedback

Here we will respond to everyone who applied with at least 1 line of feedback and also inform those who have been cast. 

IMPORTANT NOTES: Please remember that on top of your performance, we will also be judging the SOUND QUALITY of your submissions. 

In the world of voice acting, we hold a very high standard for consistency and efficiency, and having pristine sound quality is your secret weapon to going far in this industry.

Avoid your breath hitting your microphone, pops, peaking or distortion, echoes / reverb, and background noise.

Let your voice shine clear, articulately, and sound natural! Don't just read the script as if you're a robot reading it from a piece of paper; bring the character to life! 

Submit a MAXIMUM of two takes per line, leaving a minimum of a 3-second pause between each take.

We will not be taking any questions about the audition process or any unrelated inquiries. Violating this rule may get you banned from all future opportunities. We expect hundreds of applications, so we want to avoid unnecessary emails flooding our work line.


What's expected of you if you're cast:

Technical Quality: You are expected to be able to provide the audio in the file format and quality outlined in the audition document. 

Response Promptness: Once selected, you must respond quickly to any communication from the Black Sands team! If we don't hear back from you, we might move on to another performer for the role!

Feedback and Critique: The casting team aims to provide feedback, even if an actor is not selected. The performer must be able to take and implement this feedback constructively!

Character Flexibility: You may be asked to perform for characters other than your preferred ones. We appreciate actors who are open to performing multiple roles if needed.

Please find the audition document with the currently available characters in this round here: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1-FkfIK9FW3Iv_op4Nd4kxtHy_Zfc8o_2FtsXmSLI6Gs/edit?usp=sharing