Initially, we want you to take your time so you can send us a proper demoreel. If we respond because you made the initial cut, we will expect a fast turn-around on all work when assigned. It is a core part of being a team member and not meeting deadlines in the process may lead to your application being terminated.


When applying, you can select up to three characters. We require the name of the characters in the subject line. Be sure to leave your kickstarter OR patron user name in your introduction for verification.


All applications should come with links to a youtube submission or demo reel. Demo Reels are highly preferred as they show a range of work and professionalism. You might apply for a character but your demo reel might qualify you for another.


Any non-professional recordings will be discarded immediately. I expect clean submissions with no background noise. I prefer a range of voice tones and delivery so I can make a better decision.


When selecting a character, use your imagination based on the brief description and the source material found on Patron

Ausar – No explanation needed - 13

Seth – serious and mellow demeanor - 12

Auset – innocent and starstruck – 12

Nuit – Serious warrior type woman. Short tempered. Deeper female voice – 32

Endoclese – Caucasian short tempered man – hyper masculine word delivery – 40

Captain Sumerian – Arabic accent male, knowledgeable but awestruck at times – 55

Kristo Naveo – Greco accent white male, cautious with words, political. 45

Tehuti – intelligent, measured black male, condescending. 50

Aso – Well mannered princess, submissive – 14

Loris – merchant demeanor forced into being a warrior, political – 45

Anhur – Happy and obedient. Tends to get things done with the least amount of effort. - 40

Montu – Angry, deep, and uses intimidation at all times – 30


This is critical information

Patronage or Backer status must be verified
Sharing this page with friends will not get them an application unless they also sign up for Patron.
The process will take one month for the initial application.
You may receive an email reply if you make it to the next round
All applications must be sent to


All patrons have access to issue 1, 2, and 3 of Black Sands. If you are wondering how the character acts or speaks, read the issues and make assumptions. I do not want to typecast characters so some suprising results might happen. This is a paid position. All rates are non-negotiable and competitive.


Make sure to sign up on Patron if you are not a current backer or patron. All applications will be instantly rejected if they are not verifiably a member.